Netizens react to Kamala Harris’ Vogue Cover

Kamala Harris' controversial Vogue cover has sparked mixed reactions from the internet

People online reacted to the new Vogue cover showing incoming Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. 

However, instead of celebrating the incoming VPs photoshoot with a world-famous fashion and lifestyle magazine, critics of the shoot are furious. 

According to tweets, the cover disrespects Harris. Not only did Vogue whitewashed her, but they also put her in a pair of Converse shoes, reports said. 

Harris’ choice of shoes during the campaign was always a pair of Converse shoes. Her choice had also become viral plenty of times last year. 

Not VP Harris’ Choice

Vogue’s cover shows Harris in a suit jacket, with a pink fabric on the floor and behind her. To add, she’s also wearing a pair of Converse shoes.

Twitter user @HypeVaughan shared the picture and commented that Vogue “fvcked up her lighting” despite being already light-skinned for a woman of color. 

Yashar Ali, a HuffPost contributor, shared on Twitter that a source familiar with the publication said that is not the cover Harris’ team was expecting. 

In fact, according to that source, they were expecting the cover to show Harris in a “powder blue suit.” Also, that’s the picture, the incoming VP’s team and Anna Wintour “mutually agreed upon.”

Ali also clarified that the cover is real, despite rumors that it is not. 

On his Twitter post, the Huffpost contributor also shared another image of Harris in the said “powder blue suit” side by side with the criticized cover. 

The picture, according to him, was the one chosen by Harris’ team. 

In a Washington Post op-ed, Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Robin Givhan, accused Vogue of disrespecting Harris by being “overly familiar.” 

Vogue’s History with POCs

Many people have always criticized Vogue for its treatment of people of color.

For example, last year, Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, apologized to her Black creatives for not doing enough to elevate them.

Also, last year, the Instagram page, Diet_Prada pointed out the similarities of NBA star, Lebron James’ Vogue cover to a 1917 war propaganda poster, “Destroy This Mad Brute.” 



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