The Golden Dawn, A greek neo nazi party, holds a protest with flares and roman candles

After a trial that has lasted for more than five years, a Greek court finally delivered its verdict against the Neo-Nazi political party, Golden Dawn, and its 68 defendants. 

The Greek court has found the Golden Dawn guilty of various criminal charges.

The charges include running a criminal organization in the guise of a political party, and the attempted murder of Egyptian fishermen in 2012.

The court has also convicted the Golden Dawn party’s leaders in leading a criminal group, including its head Nikos Michaloliakos and six others.

On the other hand, other members of the group were found guilty of criminal participation.

For a long time, the party has been accused of violence against their opponents, immigrants, anti-fascists, leftists, and gay people. 

However, it took the killing of the anti-fascist artist, Pavlov Fyssas in 2013, for a legal prosecution to happen against the party.

Magda Fyssas, the dead artist’s mother, shouted, “Pavlos, you did it!” outside the courthouse after the announcement of the verdict.

Magda Fyssas has attended nearly all trials relating to the party, Al Jazeera said. 

Moreover, Giorgos Roupakis, a member of Golden Dawn, had already confessed to the crime of killing Fyssas.

Thousands of people outside the court celebrated the verdict.

One prominent anti-racist activist, Petros Constantinou, found the event “a very good day” for anti-fascist global movements, per the Guardian. 

The message is vital in ending fascist threats, he added. 

Golden Dawn Members hold up a sign that says Stop Islam

Holocaust Deniers

The party rose into political prominence at the height of people’s anger over Greece’s financial crisis in 2012.

The party then, for the first time, secured 21 parliamentary seats.

Its current leader, Michaloliakos, founded the far-right party that started in the 80s. 

The party, especially its leader, has denied holocaust atrocities during the 2nd World War. 

For example, Michaloliakos said on national television in the past that there are no “gas chambers” during the Nazi era in Germany. 


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