The late Glee star, Naya Rivera’s younger sister, Nickayla Rivera, slams haters on her Instagram post following news of moving in with her sister’s ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey.

After the Glee star’s accidental drowning two months ago, reports said that her family, along with her ex-husband, are working together in raising her son. 

However, it seems that Naya’s sister made a huge decision to help raise her nephew, Josey Dorsey, per KMBC. 

Recently, some people reported that they saw Nickayla with her sister’s ex-husband shopping household items at Target, per KMBC. 

According to a Daily Mail story, Nickayla moved to a three-bedroom house with Ryan in California to take care of Josey.

A source who saw them in Target said the two look like they are “fooling around and chatting the whole time.”

In fact, the two look like they are “helping lift each other’s spirit.”

However, the news did not sit well with some people who thought it inappropriate. 

According to the Daily Mail, the two were inseparable since Rivera’s death in July. 

Naya and Ryan were co-parenting and sharing custody of their son before the Glee star’s untimely demise in July. 

Nickayla’s Responded with “Compassion”

On Monday, Nickayla posted a story on Instagram.

The post seems to be about people’s criticism of their current house set-up. 

According to Nickayla, during her life’s “darkest time,” the only important things for her are “friends and family.”

The model also emphasized her priorities in showing up for her Naya’s son, even though she cannot “show up” for herself.

She also added her indifference about how things look like to other people. 

According to her, “no one can see” the “agonizing moment” people endure. 

Naya’s sister continued that what matters most is “to show compassion,” nonjudgement, and never take life for granted. 

An Accident in July

In July, Naya, along with her son Josey went to Lake Piru and rented a boat one afternoon. 

However, the two did not come back on their scheduled return time, prompting a boat shop employee to look for them. 

The employee found the boy alone on the boat without her mother. 

After a few days, authorities found Naya’s body and pronounced her dead due to drowning. 


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