The rescue team in charge of searching for missing actress Naya Rivera has now shifted from a search and rescue to a search and recovery mission, authorities said. 

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office announced the update on Thursday morning during a media briefing. 

“We’re presuming that an accident happened,” said Deputy Chris Dryer of the Sheriff’s Office. “We’re presuming that she drowned in the lake.” 

Moreover, Dryer clarified that the effort is still the same in searching for Rivera, they just change its title. 

Brief Summary Of What Happened On July 8th

Rivera was reported missing on Wednesday afternoon after going to Lake Piru in California with her son.

They rented a boat and did not come back during the scheduled return time. 

This prompted an employee of the boat shop to look for them. 

After a while, the employee found the boat adrift and discovered Rivera’s son on it. 

Authorities via 911 were called and a search operation ensued. 

Around 50 searchers were mobilized, said Dyer.

On Wednesday night, the search and rescue team called off the search due to difficult conditions. 

These include difficult visibility in the lake and varying depths of the water. 

However, they decided to continue at daybreak while optimal planning was done on Wednesday night. 

Investigation Findings And Footage

Dryer verified that Rivera had been to the lake before and was already familiar with it. 

Recovering Rivera’s body might take days up to a week, said Sgt. Kevin Donoghue of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. 

Authorities also shared what they found from a surveillance video of Rivera and her son. 


In the video, it shows that both son and mother embarked on the boat with just the two of them. 

No other people were seen going to the boat. 

The report made by the boat vendor to 911 was also recovered by the authorities. 

The video and audio were both released by the office to the public.

Do you think Rivera is still alive?


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