The featured image are ice creams with a greeting of Happy National Ice Cream Day. The article focuses on the celebration.

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed a sugary law. As a result, National Ice Cream Day is celebrated July 19th or on the third Sunday of July.

Here are the discounts and freebies that are still up for grabs for your sweet-tooth, according to BGR and Patch reports.

Discounts and Freebies

The image is a colorful text that has the word FREEBIES. The reason is that the article focuses on National Ice Cream Day 2020 freebies.

ALDEN’S: With over 10,000 participating stores across the U.S. Their organic ice cream products are $1 off until Aug. 12, 2020. Make sure you get your hands on their free coupon before heading to redeem at your local store.

CALIFORNIA GIANT BERRY FARMS: Their association is holding a “Sip, Chill & Repeat” giveaway. Prizes to be given are Yeti® Cooler; 10-piece Mixology Bartender Kit; Cuisinart 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker; Big Waves Corkcicle Tumbler; or InnoGear Essential Air Diffuser. You’ll have to enter online before August 7, 2020.

HÄAGEN-DAZS: On Instagram, you can participate in the “Fantasy Flavor Scoop Off”. Floor them with your unorthodox flavor ideas to win. This contest will run through July 22. One of the prizes is 24 coupons for a year’s worth of sweet frozen treats. The ice cream company is also hosting a 60th birthday sweepstakes with loads of prizes through Sept. 15.

RIPPLE:  This is for people who are health-conscious and prefer vegan-friendly and plant-based frozen treats. They offer half-off special through the end of July. When you buy a pack of four or six Ripple Frozen Desserts, the second is 50 percent off.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET: For grocer or Amazon Prime members, you can, via Prime Now delivery avail 35 percent off all frozen desserts. This includes traditional and non-dairy varieties of ice cream, o, gelato, sorbet, ice cream sandwiches, and other frozen novelties This offer is good through July 30. 

WIENERSCHNITZEL: You can avail of a coupon for $3 candy shake. This promo is through July 31. 

Happy National Ice Cream Day 2020! 


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