A National City police officer is under investigation after an alleged racist remark from a private text message was made public, said a CBS8 report. 

According to NCPD, the officer, identified by his stepdaughter as Officer Nick Matthews is on administrative leave while an internal probe on his misconduct is underway. 

The officer’s former stepdaughter, Miranda Dykes exposed his stepfather’s comments about black-americans on social media. 

Dykes, according to the CBS8 interview said that she has a boyfriend who’s Black-American and a biracial son.

“He would say racist things here and there, and I was pregnant stuck in this house. I didn’t have a place to move,” she added, “when my son grows up I don’t want him growing up with police officers like him, police officers that say these racist things and target Black people,” Dykes said of Matthews.

The NCPD contacted Dykes about her tweets and said that there will be an investigation on them. 

According to Dykes, her tipping point was when Matthews texted her and her mom an insensitive meme making fun of George Floyd. 

“You can’t joke about that. You’re a police officer, you’re supposed to be protecting them, you’re supposed to be as angry as everybody”. Dykes said. 

In a report from Fox 5, Dykes said, that her young son who is of mixed race is what pushed her to come forward and speak out about the issue. 

NCPD posted a statement on the issue condemning Matthews’ actions, it said, “our department will not tolerate racist and unacceptable epithets made by any member of our organization. We are extremely disappointed that we have to investigate one of our officer’s alleged misconduct. However, we want to assure the public and our community that there will be a comprehensive investigation into this matter.”


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