San Diego Supervisor Nathan Fletcher slams supervisor Jim Desmond’s proposal to defy California’s guidelines in opening businesses in San Diego. 

Fletcher called Desmond’s proposal “absolutely insane” during a Fox interview. 

“We need to protect people” and “be cautious,” Fletcher said.  

Moreover, Fletcher argued it is not only about saving lives, but an on and off again approach can damage the economy.

The County of San Diego reported more than 40,000 cases of COVID-19 cases as of Monday and 734 deaths. 

208 new positive cases were added, and there were no deaths reported, said health officials. 

Also, the county added a new testing center in the Mexican Consulate which started operating on Monday.

All Businesses In San Diego Should Operate

On Monday, Supervisor Desmond announced that he will call for a motion to disregard the state rules in San Diego. 

The state of California is cornering San Diego, Desmond said in a public announcement.

Desmond was talking about California’s guidelines.

The guidelines only allow limited businesses to open, depending on the county’s tier.

Currently, the county of San Diego is in the red (substantial) tier. 

The supervisor believes all businesses should operate as long as they follow safety precautions on wearing masks and social distancing.

To get to the yellow tier, the county needs to have less than one daily positive cases per 100,000, says Desmond.

Getting there is “impossible,” says Desmond. 

Furthermore, having a vaccine will also not guarantee those numbers, Desmond argued. 

He also claims that the state is “manipulating” the numbers. 

“We’re bouncing between purple and red,” Desmond pointed. 

Desmond also clarified that he is “for enforcing the safety protocols.”

However, he does not agree with the state saying which businesses should be closed or open.

Desmond then went on and asked businesses to support his call during the board meeting on Tuesday. 


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