The corporate management of Mr. Pickle’s has decided to shut down its branch in Davis, California for the racist remarks of the shop owner, said a CBS8 report.

In a statement, Mr. Pickle’s posted on their Instagram page, that they have “terminate(d)” the franchise in Davis.

“Corporate has been notified of the alarming and painful statements made by the owner of the Davis shop to his staff. We made the decision to terminate his franchise and is now permanently closed for business,” said the company.

“If that location ever re-opens, it will be under new ownership that upholds our corporate standards,” as elaborated on the company’s Instagram page.

According to Wendy Weitzel, a columnist for the Davis Enterprise, who reported that the store owner Mickey Mann sent a berating email to his employees.

Mickey Mann

He ranted after an employee wore a Black Lives Matter (BLM) pin to work.

The owner reportedly berated employees and Black Lives Matter, likening BLM to the KKK.

“The BLM is the flip side of the KKK. Their tactics are out of the Mafia playbook. They are no better than (sic) some of the worst oppressive regimes in the world,” Mann said in the email.

The BLM has become your Puppet, Masters. You have swallowed their Kool-Aid. They have unleashed you on us. They have directed you to forcefully bend me to their will,” Mann wrote in the email.


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