Teen Spencer Smith beside a distance learning setup

A teenager from Maine committed suicide last week due to the effects of COVID-19 restrictions in his school life, reports said, 

Spencer Smith, 16, felt increasingly isolated due to distance learning and the cancellation of activities in his school, per a note he left for his parents.

According to the Daily Wire, Spencer, a sophomore at Brunswick High School, wanted to become a lineman on his school’s football team. However, the school chose to replace it with flag football, which affected him hard. 

Spencer Felt Trapped Inside the House

Spencer’s parents both criticized distance learning and share it is not good for the kids. 

Jay Smith, Spencer’s father, said social distancing doesn’t work for the kids. Instead, kids are having it hard. 

Spencer’s suicide also pushed his mother, Angela Smith, to post on Facebook.

“This remote learning is crap,” Angela wrote on Facebook, adding she lost his son because he can’t hang out with his friends. Also, Spencer felt trapped inside the house thinking of an uncertain future, she wrote. 

Spencer’s mother also wrote in her post a reminder to other parents telling them to “take everything” their kids are saying seriously. “You never know if it will be the last time,” she added.

A depressed man in the dark

How COVID-19 Affected Students’ Mental Health

COVID-19 has forced people and communities to change a lot of things in their lifestyle to avoid contracting the virus. 

Cities underwent lockdowns, people underwent quarantines, and social distancing is implemented in public places. 

In terms of education, many schools have decided to implement remote learning to lessen the spread of the virus.

Due to those changes, many people, both adults, and children felt more isolated. And many with mental health issues are having it worse. 

In the case of students, many reported their feeling of stress and anxiety increased due to COVID-19. The increased mental difficulty is a result of various factors, such as the fear of contracting the virus, less social interactions, difficulty concentrating, and concerns about their academic standing. 


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