A Utah welcome sign next to a monolith

What is your theory about the origin of the monolith found in Utah?

Last week, Utah’s state employees discovered something bizarre while they are counting bighorn sheep from a helicopter. 

They saw a shiny thing situated in a remote part of Utah.

After seeing the structure, the Utah Department of Safety (UDS) decided to take a closer look.

Upon landing, they discovered a shiny, triangular pillar that stands at around three meters high, 

The department shared the video of their discovery. 

In the video, the one who’s talking behind the camera jokingly said, “the intrepid explorers go down to investigate the alien life form.” 

According to the UDS, per Al Jazeera, there is no “obvious indication” on who might have put the pillar there.

They added it is also illegal to install structures on the land without federal authorization. 

After UDS announced its discovery, the news quickly made the headlines. 

It also sparked debates and conspiracy theories about its origins. Some people even joked about its possible “extraterrestrial” origins. 

The UDS decided to make the monolith’s location a secret to discourage people from traveling in the desert that might result in hurting themselves. 

However, recent reports are saying the structure is now missing, resulting in more questions about it. 

So, Who Made It? 

Some Reddit users speculate it is a movie prop, possibly forgotten or left by a movie production team. 

Well, why not? 

Some have even pointed out the monolith’s resemblance to a structure from Stanley Kubrick’s film, “2001: A Space Oddysey.”

The monolith in the film usually signifies huge leaps to humanity’s progress.

Another popular theory is that it’s an art installation. In fact, a group of people has even determined the exact location of the structure and visited it. Based on their own investigations, they deduced, it is in fact, an art installation. 

However, no one can verify whose work it is. One name that has surfaced on its possible creator is American minimalist artist, John McCracken. 

The New York Times, however, questions this theory

According to the Times, different sources close to McCracken have different views on the monolith’s owner. 

McCracken’s son thinks maybe it is his father’s work, his dealer says it really is his work. However, a friend of his believes McCracken could not have created it. 


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