Mississippi State’s lawmakers voted on Sunday, to remove the Confederate emblem from its state flag, said a Mississippi Today report. 

Both legislature houses voted for the removal of the symbol in Mississippi’s state flag over the weekend. 

Also, a commission will be assigned to create a new design for the flag. 

Tate Reeves, Mississippi State Governor said on Saturday that he will sign the bill if the legislature will pass it. 

“We are better today than we were yesterday,” Philip Gunn, author of the bill told Mississippi Today. “Today, the future has taken root in the present” he added. 

The historic event touched everyone present in the Mississippi State Capitol. 

Cheers echoed inside the halls of the building after the announcement. 

Many lawmakers also wept and many spectators who visited the building to witness the event shed tears at the result. 

“We are not betraying our heritage, we are fulfilling it,” said Gunn. 

“They began to understand and feel the same thing I’ve bee fee

Robert Johnson, representative, and House Democratic leader said that the flag has affected Mississippi in terms of getting assistance. 

Getting help for its social problems has been difficult because of other people’s reluctance to work with the state. 

Johnson is positive, that the removal of the Confederate emblem in the flag will help. 

“Now that this is gone, they will begin to look and see who the real Mississippi is”, he said. 

Changing The Flag Is A “Moral Obligation

For many years, people advocating for the changing of Mississippi’s flag have not been able to get a lot of support. 

Fast forward to 2020, the protests that transpired after the death of George Floyd reached Mississippi. This in addition to statements from different sectors put immense pressure into changing the emblem. 

On June 23rd, the Mississippi Baptist Convention said in a statement that, changing the flag is a “moral issue”. 

A week before that, the NCAA and Southeastern Conference demanded the lawmakers to change it.



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