European countries still fail to agree as to who should take in the migrants rescued by Maersk Etienne, the Danish tanker, off the Mediterranean more than a month ago, according to the Associated Press.

Annually, hordes of migrants get in smugglers’ boats to start a better life in Europe.

Still Could Not Work Out A Solution

The rescued migrants, 27 in total including a pregnant woman and a child were on board a flimsy boat that sank.

However, the lengthy negotiations between the vessel and the Maltese government are unlikely to reach an agreement.

The vessel, thus, helplessly remains in the open sea 17 miles (27 km) off Malta.

Maersk Tankers, owners of Etienne, now say food and water supplies are almost used up in the tanker vessel.

Malta And Tunisia Both Say No

Malta flinched from providing refuge despite asking the Maersk tanker to retrieve the migrants at sea.

It insists that the rescue took place in Tunisia’s maritime territory.

“The Maltese government” did not give orders to the “Danish-flagged vessel” to make its way “to Malta,” it said.

A spokesperson of the Tunisian foreign ministry said that the refugees were not Tunisia’s responsibility.

Owing to reasons that they departed from Libya, sank near Malta and ultimately recovered by a Danish vessel.

The official requested to remain anonymous as he was not authorized to speak to the media, per Associated Press.

The Cap’n Has Spoken

Captain Volodymyr Yeroshkin of Maersk Etienne received a call from the Maltese search-and-rescue center to set a course for a tiny wooden boat, The Shift reported.

The commander, Captain Yeroshkin complied and rescued those on board the flimsy boat on the 4th of August.

Little did he know that he and his crew will be refused entry by the very same country that initially asked for their help.

Captain Yeroshkin asked for assistance, on a clip uploaded by The Shift.

“Maersk Etienne is a tanker” for transporting “chemicals” and is not “equipped” nor “constructed” for people to be kept “on board.”

He and his crew “need to disembark these people” that they rescued.

He also added that “these people” were not even allowed to “step ashore” which is “a basic right.”

He and his crew and the migrants on board the tanker “require an immediate solution.”


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