A poacher being held in handcuffs

Chippewa County Judge, Eric Blubaugh, sentenced Michigan citizen, Kurt Johnston Duncan, on Tuesday after the latter pleaded guilty to multiple wildlife crimes, according to MLive.

Adieu, Hunting 

Duncan,56, will lose his hunting license for life due to poaching of various species such as wolves, bald eagles, deer, turkey, and bobcat.

On top of that, The defendant will face 90 days in jail under his plea agreement.

Under the lifetime ban, the Michigan poacher cannot even assist anyone in hunting nor trapping pursuits.

The sentence includes that Duncan is prohibited from hunting in 48 States.

It’s because all states, except Hawaii and Massachusetts, are members of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

A sign that indicates that it is prohibited to hunt in the area

Just Because I Can, and I Like It

In May, the detectives from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said Duncan was using the animals for various reasons, FOX17 reported.

The DNR detectives mentioned crafts, selling, or disposing of animals as Duncan’s reasons.

Additionally, Duncan told them that he hunted and caught the animals because he “could” and “likes” to do so.

State of Poaching in the US and Michigan’s Law on It

State and federal laws have restrictions on hunting to preserve wildlife. 

Poaching is an illegal way to hunt and trap games or other natural resources from the land and water. 

It is also a serious offense in Michigan. 

In fact, if found guilty, it can bleed one person’s wallet dry, especially if the person breaks multiple hunting laws. 

Breaking hunting laws in Michigan can cost a person 90 days in jail, a fine of not less than $1,000, and the loss of hunting license and privileges from one year to a lifetime.  

According to Animal Matters, every year, thousands of individuals are arrested in the US because of poaching. 

However, experts believe authorities only catch five percent of poachers in the US every year. 


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