The featured image is Presidential candidate Joe Biden. The article says that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer met him to discuss VP position.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan visited Presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday, the Associated Press reported. 

Two Democrats told CNN that Biden has always found Whitmer “impressive.” 

This can now make Whitmer another top candidate to Biden’s choice for his running mate.

Other contenders to Whitmer are California Senator Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren. 

A chartered plane left Lansing Capital Region International Airport at 5:33 pm to go to Delaware Coastal Airport on Sunday, AP reported. 

However, Governor Whitmer’s office declined to confirm this information, AP added.

Another politician told CNN that aside from Whitmer, Biden also met with other potential running mates. 

However, there is no information on the identities of Biden’s other potential running mates.  

Whitmer is known for her aggressive approach to curbing the virus in her state.  

On Friday, Whitmer announced that she has extended Michigan’s “Declaration of Emergency” and “reinstated” protections for workers. 

People’s Opinions

Democratic supporters have mixed opinions when news about Whitmer’s elevation to get the VP candidate made its rounds online. 

Nate Cohn, a writer of the New York Times, said that Whitmer’s possible promotion to being Biden’s running mate “always made a lot of sense.”

However, Cohn thinks that Biden’s camp just made a bad decision in letting its “veepstakes coverage” evolve into something activists might found “a let down.” 

Other supporters, on the other hand, supports Whitmer, but think choosing Harris is better due to America’s current situation. 

One Twitter user, a registered nurse, posted on Twitter, saying Whitmer is “a great governor.”

However, “it’s time to embrace diversity,” she added. 

Some supporters said, they will support Biden no matter who he picks for his VP.

A proud Trump resister posted, “to me, it doesn’t matter” and went on to say that he has been a strong Biden supporter for years. 


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