To limit the spread of the coronavirus, Mexico will begin removing staff from oil platforms of the state-run oil firm Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) rigged in Gulf of Mexico.

According to Reuters report citing Agencia Sien, an online news service based in Ciudad del Carmen, this is due to Coronavirus. 

This will basically leave only essential personnel on board the off-shore rigs.

The report said, more than 5,000 workers would return to the land from various installations as the government implemented its most stringent measures yet to combat the coronavirus.

The move was initiated after Mexico entered its highest phase of a public health alert.

The Mexican government assessed the country is currently under Scenario Three. Which means COVID-19 transmission becomes widespread; case numbers are in the thousands.

A source at Pemex, speaking on condition of anonymity said the oil platforms would be left with between half and a quarter of their normal personnel.

Adding that, this is their protocol is a situation similar to when a hurricane comes.

However, a Pemex spokeswoman withheld the exact number of employees that will be affected by the withdrawal.

Pemex has so far confirmed 229 cases of the coronavirus and 27 deaths. Four of the dead were current Pemex workers, 14 were retired employees, one an external employee, and eight were relatives of workers, said the report.


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