US Embassy in Mexico warned American citizens that their host country has now reached Scenario Three of its coronavirus watch.

“The Mexican government assesses Mexico is currently in Scenario Three,” said the US Embassy website.

The Mexican government’s COVID-19 planning and preparation is based on three scenarios: Scenario One:  COVID-19 cases are travel-related (travel from abroad);

Scenario Two:  Community-based transmission of COVID-19 begins and case numbers are in the hundreds; and, Scenario Three:  COVID-19 transmission becomes widespread; case numbers are in the thousands.

To date, Mexico has 14,677 Coronavirus cases, 1,351 deaths and 8,354 have recovered.

The US Embassy urged its citizen to return home to America, however, it will be under their own accord, as no scheduled repatriation flight for Mexico is scheduled.

It also added that Mexican Immigration (INM) continues to provide law enforcement and public counter services across Mexico.  

“(However), due to reduced staffing, members of the public might experience long wait times for routine services” said the US Embassy advisory.

The Mexican government has implemented stricter guidelines that it will impose until 30 May in most of its municipalities.

This includes the Mexican Ministry of Education closing all schools from March 20 until May 30; suspension of meetings of 100 participants or greater; strict home isolation of persons over age 60 or with high-risk medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, with a compromised immune system, pregnant, or post-partum, among others.


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