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Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) assured Mexicans on Tuesday that Mexico will not be affected by the results of the US presidential elections, ZETA Tijuana reported. 

According to him, regardless of who wins in the US elections, Mexico’s economy will remain stable, ZETA Tijuana reported.

The Mexican president’s comment came amidst the ongoing presidential elections in its neighboring country, the US. 

AMLO assured the nation that Mexico’s economy “is solid and healthy.”

He also added that foreign investors are confident in their investments in the country, AMLO said at the conference. 

Mexico has a guarantee of financial and economic stability whether former Vice President Joe Biden or incumbent US President Donald Trump wins the election, AMLO said.  

He also shared he will not comment on the elections and wait for the results. 

AMLO indicated that as president, one should not take sides, per ZETA Tijuana.

A Sudden Change of Heart?

AMLO’s Tuesday press release is not the first time Mexico’s president denied endorsing anyone for the US elections.

On Thursday last week, he announced that Mexico would not have a problem even if Biden wins it.

However, it is surprising that he did not endorse Trump.

The two has an image of having a good relationship.

AMLO giving a confident smirk on a podium

In fact, in July this year, Trump even claimed that the relationship between Mexico and the US “has never been closer” than it is now.

The two held a meeting at the White House on Tuesday to sign a joint declaration.

Also, during his term, AMLO repeatedly says he and Trump’s relationship is built on mutual respect.

On Thursday last week, he announced that Mexico would not have a problem even if Biden wins it.

AMLO and Trump has a Good Relationship, Said Trump

After AMLO said Biden’s possible win would not affect Mexico’s economic stability, Trump gave an interview to Mexico’s newspaper, El Universal.

In the interview, Trump emphasized his great relationship with AMLO and how it affected the US’ relationship with Mexico itself. 

According to Trump, his policies have helped make the two countries great again and vows to keep it great when he wins the elections. 


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