Mission Beach is usually one of the places to be during the Memorial Day celebration, but instead there was an unusually less crowd, said a CBS8 report. 

Lifeguard Lieutenant Rick Romero offered an explanation for this occurrence.

“The parking lots aren’t open so we’re not seeing the capacity which would be at a normal holiday weekend,” said Romero.  

The parking lots near the beaches are only allowing 50 percent capacity, since its reopening after its operations were halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Romero noted that people in San Diego are doing a good job abiding by the rules.

And for those who aren’t, most aren’t getting tickets, said Romero.

More often than not, lifeguards and officers are educating people and telling them to move along.

“We’re just asking for compliance. Most of the time people are doing [a] pretty good job listening to us and adhering to the rules,” Romero said. 

As San Diego Police patrolled Mission Beach on four-wheelers Monday, lifeguards made announcements on a loudspeaker, telling visitors what’s allowed and what’s not.

Memorial Day is typically packed at San Diego beaches. But, with the ongoing pandemic, and certain regulations in place, it was a much different scene Monday, said the report.

Elsewhere around the country this weekend, images appeared to show people not practicing social distancing or wearing masks.

According to reports, huge crowds were seen in places like Ocean City, Maryland; Mesa, Arizona, and along Lake Michigan.


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