Officer Samantha Geralds recently finished training at the academy.

She is the first-ever female motorcycle officer at the Coronado Police Department, said a CBS8 report.

Geralds will be patrolling Coronado with her 800-pound motorcycle.

Officer Geralds said:

“I needed a change, wanted something different.

I love patrol, interacting with people.

I figured I would try to get on a motorcycle and see where it led me in my career.”

She is from Mississippi and has been a police officer for about 10 years.

She joined CPD in 2017, said the report.

Cheered By Her Peers

Officer Geralds said her colleagues were very supportive of her.

She even goes on describing her superior officer’s joy of seeing her ride.

Geralds elatedly said:

“I had one of my captains tell me it was really cool seeing my braid hanging out of my helmet.

I’m going down the road.

I was like, ‘Oh I guess I never thought of that. That’s kind of fun.’            

I get reminded ‘Oh yeah that is neat, I’m the only female here.”

Samantha Geralds

Motorcycle Obsession

Gearlds admittedly loves motorcycles too much.

She got one back home and she named her dog Harley.

Training Blues

Officer Gearlds added that the training was intense.

She said:

“You’re running cone patterns, you’re learning how to get out of dangerous situations.

“I have scrapes all over me from how many times I dropped the bike.

“I superman-ed over my windshield several times. I don’t know anyone [in training] who hasn’t done stuff like that.”

She noted that not a lot of officers make it through the training.

Geralds recalled:

“It’s physically demanding and you have to figure out how to finesse the bike.

(So that’s) rather than use your body weight to throw it around.”

She said she recently find the silver lining in all her hardship just to accomplish the training.

She said she realized:

“’Maybe this is not just about me.’ I’m actually showing (young) girls they can do what they want to do.

They can be a cop if they want to be.

They can be on a motorcycle if they want to be.”

Click here to see the full interview.


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