Mitch McConnell blocks motions to raise the stimulus package

After many back and forths and debates, Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, decided to block Minority leader Chuck Schumer’s request to hold a vote on a measure that would raise the size of stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000.

A Bipartisan House Majority

Democrats have been pushing for the bill for the past week. 

The House lawmakers voted 275-134 to pass the $2000 direct payments bill on Tuesday, Axios reported. In a rare moment, 44 Republicans joined the majority of the Democrats, backing the bill. 

In fact, the majority of the public, plus Democrats and Republicans, support increasing the checks to $2000. Even US President Donald Trump strongly backs the $2000 checks, said Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer. 

In fact, after the news of what McConnell did came out, Trump indirectly slams him for blocking the vote. He wrote on Twitter that Republicans “must approve” the passage of the $2000 payments “ASAP,” lest they have a “death wish.”

Also, he added to revoke Section 230, a law on internet liability. 

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McConnell Brings Another Bill Forward 

After blocking the vote, McConnell decided to push for another bill that Schumer calls “a cynical gambit,” per NBC News. The bill would probably hinder the approval of the $2000 checks. 

The bill includes boosting the checks to $2000. Also, it includes Trump’s other demands: to repeal Section 230 and set up a committee for election fraud. 

The other provisions obviously divide lawmakers. 

According to Schumer, if the senate majority leader chooses to include partisan provisions unrelated to the “bipartisan House-passed CASH Act,” it would not “pass the House.” As a result, McConnell is blatantly depriving Americans of their $2000 survival checks. 

$600 Checks Will Push Through

The debate on whether there would be an increase in stimulus payments or not continues. Meanwhile, the Treasury Department announced on Tuesday that they will begin distributing the $600 payment to Americans’ bank accounts.


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