John McAfee, an intriguing tech figure

John David McAfee was attempting to get on a plane bound for Istanbul when he was apprehended by police in Barcelona, according to the Guardian.

The tech mogul got arrested in Barcelona, at the El Prat airport on October 3.

“He was flying to Istanbul,” but the database showed there are “fraud charges” against him in the US,” said the police source. 

A Finger in Every Illegal Pie

The US authorities accuse the 75-year-old who made millions in his heyday of evading taxes.

McAfee has also failed to report millions earned from promoting cryptocurrencies, sale of his biography for a documentary, among others.

Furthermore, prosecutors said that McAfee deliberately hid assets from the Internal Revenue Service from 2014 to 2018, reported the New York Times.

He concealed ownership of real estate property, an automobile, and a yacht, in the names of other people to dodge taxes.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also brought civil charges against the entrepreneur and Jimmy Gale Watson, his bodyguard.

The SEC claims that McAfee earned more than $ 23.1 M from fraudulent and misleading cryptocurrency recommendations, per the Guardian.

If convicted of all fraud and tax evasion charges, McAfee could spend 30 years behind bars.

McAfee headquarters' Building Facade

Interesting Personal Life 

In 2012, McAfee‘s compatriot and neighbor in Belize, Gregory Faull, died,  the Times reported.

The Silicon Valley legend said that he knew nothing, but the attacker probably intended to target him, per the Guardian.

However, McAfee disappeared after the Belizean police sought to question him as a person of interest, according to the Times.

He turned up in Guatemala and asked for asylum a few weeks later.

According to his lawyer, the Belize authorities are just persecuting McAfee after he refused to give them money.

To which Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, responded by calling McAfee “bonkers.”

Gregory Faull’s family later filed a wrongful death suit against McAfee, according to the Times.

Last year, a court in Florida ordered him to pay more than $25m to the family.

In 2015, McAfee was driving under the influence and in possession of a gun.

The action resulted in his arrest in the US.


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