“I will beat Floyd. I promise my life on it.”

Hence, this tweet sparked the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor a rematch speculations.

This is after former world champion Mike Tyson praised McGregror for his boxing skills, the UFC star in return tweeted that a rematch with Mayweather is “inevitable.”

McGregor’s complete tweet was: “Thank you Mike, and just know that for the inevitable rematch, with the knowledge I now hold of Floyd’s style, plus under the tutelage of my old school boxing coach, I will crack the puzzle, and I will beat Floyd. I promise my life on it. It is great to see you back Iron Mike.”

In 2017, McGregor traded the octagon for a ring to fight the undefeated pound-for-pound great Mayweather.

This crossover match was considered the most anticipated, and high profile, boxing debut of all time.

The Irishman McGregor lost by a 10th round stoppage in Las Vegas in what was considered as one of the richest bouts in boxing history.

It was Mayweather’s last outing in professional boxing.

In his podcast, titled Hot Box in with Mike Tyson, he said he disagrees that the fight between Mayweather and McGregor is just a spectacle.

When asked who is the most potential UFC Fighter to crossover to boxing?

Tyson said, “(It may be an) spectacle…but listen this is where it is not a spectacle…listen, he never really has a boxing match in his life, right?…He went ten rounds with the greatest fighter in the last hundred years of boxing.”


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