Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer together with Verizon and Rady Children’s Hospital launched the citywide expansion of next-generation 5G wireless technology.

This public-private partnership is more relevant now as there is an increase in connectivity as pandemic moves commerce, medicine, and education online.

“The pandemic is transforming everything from healthcare to school to business, and San Diego is making sure we have the technology to transform along with it. At a time when San Diegans are relying on the internet to remotely work and learn and stay healthy, the City and Verizon’s partnership is accelerating the availability of fast 5G connections,” Mayor Faulconer said.

“San Diegans should take pride in the fact that innovators like Qualcomm right here in San Diego led the development of this transformative technology, helping to support local jobs and economic growth,” he added.

It is the faster fifth-generation cellular network that will support public safety, medical care, education, and commerce at a time when the demand for wireless service has never been higher, said the release.

Some local hospitals have seen digital visits with patients increase more than 100-fold.

San Diego companies like Qualcomm have been working with wireless service providers on the development of 5G for more than a decade.


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