For art sake!

Nothing will stop this American artist from completing his artwork even with all the obstacles are stacked against him. 

Even as he is situated in New York State’s worst-affected area by the coronavirus pandemic, Spencer Tunick will stop at nothing to make his latest masterpiece.

Known for bringing hundreds even thousands of participants together to pose for striking mass nude photographs, Tunick may be stuck in Rockland County, New York but he can still prove that the world is now his canvass.    

His previous installations were when he transformed the Sydney Opera House into seas of exposed bodies, all in the name of art, said the report.

For the past 25 years, Tunick has done nude photography and even with all the mounting odds brought by the coronavirus pandemic, he still wants to do his art.

“Every year for the last 25 years I’ve done a group nude, and I didn’t want this to be the first time that it didn’t happen,” he said.

The 53-year-old photographer said he was scheduled to carry out a nude photo shoot at Australia’s Brisbane Airport before the coronavirus struck.

Tunick said, “I thought that (video shoots) would be a great way to bring people together from different countries.”

Hence the photographer’s new project “Stay Apart Together” came to life.

So far, he had garnered photo shoots from participants as far as Lebanon, Thailand, Uruguay and South Africa, according to CNN.

The artist is still looking for models from around the world, in the hopes to feature a range of shapes, sizes, professions, and nationalities, as well as a “full rainbow” of skin tones. Tunick said the project is allowing him to work with people he might otherwise not be able to.

His art has appealed across borders that it transcended even religious beliefs.

“We just got contacted by someone in Syria to participate, which is a big deal,” he added.


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