The featured image is marco rubio itself. The article focuses on him paying tribute to the late John Lewis posting different photo.

US Senator Marco Rubio became the internet’s laughingstock after a post of him giving tribute to late civil rights hero John Lewis had gone wrong. 

Politicians and personalities have been posting tributes and statements after Lewis’ death due to cancer.

One of which is Florida’s senator. 

On Saturday, Rubio wrote a tribute to the late American Representative, Lewis on his Twitter account.  

“It was an honor to know & be blessed with the opportunity to serve in Congress with JohnLewis[sic],” he wrote. 

Furthermore, Lewis is a “genuine & historic American hero,” he said.

“May the Lord grant him eternal peace.” 

Included in the Tweet is a picture of him and another Black man, face to face. 

However, people are quick to notice that the man in the picture is not Lewis but the late lawmaker Elijah Cummings. 

Elijah Cummings, like Lewis, is also an American Representative and represented a district in Maryland. 

A Series of Deliberate Mistake-in Identity

Rubio’s mishap produced “meme-worthy” posts mocking him. 

People began posting celebrities’ pictures and then tag them as another person, imitating the Senator’s mistake. 

Jake Maccoby, communication strategist and speechwriter posted in Twitter a picture of Mark Ruffalo, claiming that it’s Rubio. 

Twitter user, Lorenzo The Cat also posted a picture of Rubio with his dog. 

However, the user wrote that it’s a cat. 

Rubio Apologized

After noticing his mistake, the Senator was quick to tweet another post and own up to his mistake. 

Along with his post is a link to the video when he met Lewis at an event in Miami. 

“Earlier today I tweeted an incorrect photo,” he wrote.

“John Lewis was a genuine American hero. I was honored to appear together in Miami 3 years ago at an event captured in video below”.

“My[sic] God grant him eternal rest”. 


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