San Diego police officers shot a man at a private dwelling after the man allegedly pointed his gun at them. 

The shooting happened at 4200 Menlo Ave in California on Thursday around 4pm.  

Police officers responded after they received a call about a man holding a gun, said the SDPD.

Two women driving along Menlo called 911 on Thursday, said SDPD Lt. Matt Dobbs.

This is after a man reportedly pointed a gun at them.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers made contact with the man and told him to surrender.

As the man was putting his hands in the air, a gun fell to the ground, Dobbs said. 

“The male initially complied and raised his hands,” said Dobbs. 

After the gun fell to the ground the officers asked him to step away from the weapon.

The man, however, refused to do so, Dobbs added. 

When the man picked the gun up and pointed it to the officers, they started firing their weapons. 

The SDPD reported the man dead after the shootout. 

According to Dobbs, the police administered CPR to the man before he was pronounced dead.  

The SDPD’s homicide unit is now investigating the event. 

Witness’ Accounts Of The Event

Two witnesses were able to record the shoot out on their phones, as per an NBC 7 report. 

One witness, Winona Bolton, was minding her own business when she noticed a commotion. 

The violence started as soon as Bolton “switched over to go live on Facebook”, Bolten told NBC 7.

“I’m like, why did they shoot him if he was laying down on the ground?” she added. 

Another witness was able to record the event while she was delivering packages.

The witness heard the sound of gunshots as she crossed the street and saw a man laying on the ground. 

“I am beyond shocked,” the witness told NBC 7. “They just killed somebody.” 

Another witness, Evan Ribbey told The San Diego Union Tribute that he heard officers yelling outside his house. 

The officers were yelling at the man to drop his gun and “stay away from the vehicle”, he said.

However, Ribbey cannot see the victim from his location. 


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