Adam Zaborowski stormed outside a cigar store with two unpaid stogies in tow then shot at the air as a sign of disdain with the store’s policy on mask-wearing.

He also shot at the store clerk who followed him outside, twice. 

The Friday morning incident was described as “crazy” by Tom Gallagher, a shopper during the time of the shooting.

He further added that Zaborowski was “obviously anti-mask”.

According to a witness, Zaborowski claims that he can choose not to wear a mask based on Pennsylvania state law which is contrary to the July 1st state mandate to wear masks in locations outside the home.

COVID-19 cases have climbed to more than 113,000 in Pennsylvania with more than 7,200 deaths. 

Slatington police and state police troopers apprehended Zaborowski at this home the next day for attempted homicide and related charges.

Adam Zaborowski

He did not cooperate with the officers and rode off.

The police shot Zaborowski to subdue him after he open-fired at the officers.

Out of the 7 officers present, 1 was reported injured.

Zaborowski was immediately treated by on-scene EMS and was then flown by helicopter for further medical treatment at St. Luke’s University Hospital at Fountain Hill. 

According to John Waldron, defense attorney, he was very fortunate to sustain non-fatal injuries despite the fact of wielding an AK-47 and a handgun against the arresting officers.

Zaborowski’s attorney claimed that he has gone through a tough time this pandemic.

He lost his job and has recently lost child custody.

The attorney notes that this does not justify his actions, but he is “just not handling the pandemic well”.

Zaborowski currently facing charges for attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and robbery and is being held for a $1 million bail. 

The Washington Post tweet has gone viral with 4,000 retweets.

Most retweets pointed out that this story would have a rather unfortunate ending if the involved suspect were of color and further emphasized the “white privilege” enjoyed by the assailant for having sustained minor injuries. 


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