Police lights next to Lyft's logo

The ride-hailing platform, Lyft, would be launching a new feature to ensure the safety of its riders and drivers.

Lyft partnered with a security company, American District Telegraph (ADT), to launch its new feature, “Emergency Help.”

Discreetly Ask for Help

The Emergency Help connects both drivers and riders to one of ADT’s monitoring experts in case they feel unsafe during a ride. 

The feature is available 24/7, and users can use it to contact help discreetly. 

Riders or drivers need only to push a button to get the attention of authorities.

After that, users can choose between getting a text, a call, or for ADT to silently alert 911. 

However, for drivers, they will automatically get a call from ADT to prevent distraction while they’re driving. 

In case ADT can’t get a response from the driver or the rider, they will automatically contact the authorities to go to the user’s location.  

The Lyft user interface with the said feature

According to Jennifer Brandenburger, a Director from Lyft, the feature enables users to “quickly and silently escalate concerns” to security and first responders. 

She added that they hope the new feature can help prevent “safety incidents” and create intervention when needed. 

According to USA TodayLyft plans to incorporate the feature on its “Smart Trip Check-in products.”

Uber launched a similar safety measure on its platform in February this year called On-Trip Reporting. 

However, only riders can access Uber’s safety features. 

Recent Victory on Proposition 22

Recently, Lyft, along with another ride-sharing platform like Uber, got an exemption from a California court ruling to reclassify their drivers as employees. 

This is after Californians voted for the passing of Proposition 22, the most expensive ballot-measure campaign in California. 

According to reports, 58% of Californian voters voted in favor of the proposition. 

Through the proposition, Uber and Lyft can retain their drivers’ classification as independent contractors. 


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