Louvre To Open

The Louvre Museum, one of the most famous tourist sites in France reopens its doors on Monday, as per AFP. 

However, a third of its galleries will still be off limits to visitors. 

France’s historic building has lost more than 40 million euros due to France’s lockdown restrictions. 

Its director, Jean-Luc Martinez believes, there will be more challenging years as the world is still adjusting to the coronavirus.

The museum’s most popular piece, the Mona Lisa and its wide array of historical collections will be accessible to the public.

However, galleries where social distancing is more difficult to enforce will still be closed. 

Visitors of the Louvre will also be asked to stay on assigned spots that were marked on the floor to apply proper distancing. 

Thus, crowding can be avoided, especially in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous piece. 

In addition, arrows are also in place to guide the visitors and to prevent crowding. 

Every year, the Louvre attracts around 9.7 million visitors overseas. 

“We are losing 80 percent of our public,” Martinez said. 

This is due to the fact that tourism is still at a standstill. 

“We are going to be at best 20 to 30 percent down on last summer,” Martinez estimated.  

“Between 4000 and 10000 visitors a day”

The Louvre is hoping to attract more French visitors to bridge the gap from its dwindling number of visitors. 


European Countries Reopening its Borders

Aside from France, other European countries have already started reopening their borders and its tourist sites after lifting lockdown restrictions. 

On July 1st, a lot of European countries have started reopening its borders to “safe travel” list of countries. 

Spain and Portugal have decided to reopen their mutual border on July 1st. 

This is marked with a small ceremony where leaders from both countries gathered at the crossing points. 

In Greece, international airports and ferries from Italy are starting to be reopened. 

Flights were anticipated to land on Greece’s regional airports, including its popular tourist sites like Corfu, Kos and Rhodes.

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