Los Angeles city officials will not prosecute those arrested for curfew violations and failure to disperse said CNN.

This is after the Los Angeles Police Department faced backlash over how police officials treated protesters during the first week of demonstrations following George Floyd’s death.

City Attorney Mike Feuer’s office said in a news release, “Our Office will be creating opportunities for violators to participate in an exchange of ideas and perspectives — as well as a discussion of tangible steps that can be taken by individuals, communities, law enforcement, and our office — to address issues relevant to these protests.”

Meanwhile, LA Councilman Mike Bonin sent a letter to Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore expressing his concern over various allegations against the police.

The Councilman added that he received a score of police brutality reports last weekend from the LA Times and his constituents.

“I am alarmed by the growing number of disturbing accounts and images of peaceful protesters being assaulted with plastic bullets, tasers, batons, physical force, and of reports that protestors were detained unnecessarily by law enforcement during last weekend’s George Floyd solidarity protests,” said Bonin in the letter, which was later provided to CNN by his spokesman.

“I have spent several hours reading accounts and watching videos of the experiences of demonstrators,” he wrote.

“Not just the accounts of longtime activists, but of newly engaged Angelenos who took to the streets. Not in other cities, but right here in our own Los Angeles,” he added.

Bonin called on Moore to investigate “not just individual instances, but of underlying policies and of strategic decisions by the Los Angeles Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.”

However, when asked by CNN for comment regarding Bonin’s letter on Sunday, a spokesman for the LAPD said, “We don’t have a statement we’re putting out on that.”


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