A local choir, composed of people experiencing homelessness in San Diego, received a golden buzzer in last Tuesday’s telecast of ‘America’s Got Talent.

All the studio audience and judges, composed of Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara, were on their feet to give a standing ovation to San Diego’s own ‘The Voices of Our City Choir,’ who sang their own composition.

The choir group also raised fund and through the money they receive, they helped members get off the street.

One of the oldest in the group is African-American Patricia, who claimed she was homeless since she was 18.

Cowell was particularly drawn to Patricia. 

As Cowell remarked after they sung, “There is no question of a doubt that there is strength in numbers. And my favorite moment was the talking (When Patricia made a monologue). Never heard that happened in the choir before. The tone of your voice it is just (a) sensation.”

“What we have here is a collection of really talented people and need that raw talent, to begin with. and that is what we got (right here). We live in a world at a moment there is so much talking but you’ve actually made something happened.”

At this point, host Terry Crew interrupted Cowell and said “I got to stop you right there. You said there is nothing but talk going on but it is time to make something happen right now.”

He walked down the stage and go straight behind the judges while saying: “For everybody on this stage… What they did today has moved me (at) this point right now,”

Then he pressed the golden buzzer.

Golden confetti goes down the stage signaling ‘The Voices of Our City Choir’ is going straight to the finals of America’s Got Talent.

The Voices of Our City Choir is hosting a weekly food bank and offers outlets for phone charging at the Living Water Church in the East Village, in San Diego.

Steph Johnson, Choir Co-Founder, put up The Voices of Our City Choir after connecting  with homeless people in the streets of San Diego who are musicians, poets, and singers.

The group has 225 members.  


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