Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was victorious in the Styrian Grand Prix.

This is his first victory of the year was founded on a stupendous performance in wet qualifying,

said BBC.

He won by more than 1.2 seconds to the next driver.

Hamilton only went on a pit-stop, as team-mate Valtteri Bottas overtook Red Bull’s Max Verstappen late on for second.

The Mercedes driver is the only black driver in Formula One.


Competition Retired Early

The Ferraris were forced to retired early after colliding with each other on lap one.

It was another dark day for the Italian team, after an uncompetitive showing in qualifying.

Charles Leclerc apologized for a rash move on the first lap that took out both cars.

In a tweet, Leclerc said:

“I am disappointed in myself. I’m sorry but being sorry is not enough.

Seb hasn’t got any faults today.

I’ve let the team down after them working a whole week to bring the updates early.

Too eager to gain those places in the first lap. I will learn from it.”

The Kneeled Again

Hamilton once again led the majority of drivers in taking the knee ahead of the race.

He then raised his fist in a black-power salute twice after the race.

This is F1 drivers’ pre-race anti-racism protest.

Thought according to the report, it was not as well coordinated as in the season-opening Austrian Grand Prix last weekend.

Only a handful of drivers were present for the tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Other drivers kneeled with Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Kimi Raikkonen and Daniil Kvyat chose not to kneel.

Leclerc and Verstappen had already voiced their reservations for not kneeling during the tribute.

The first tribute may be considered “organized” but it has drawn attention and controversy.

It was reported that “there was a divide among F1 drivers” as others refused to kneel.


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