Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, announced the government’s resignation on Lebanon’s National TV on Monday amid general unrest after the Beirut explosion. 

Last week, a huge explosion destroyed the country’s capital city, killing around 200 people and devastating everyone. 

A few days after the explosion, the capital was bombarded with protests and calls for accountability and justice. 

The Prime Minister resigned, almost a week after the explosion, and amid a growing pressure against him. 

More than a third of the parliament had already resigned from their positions, the Guardian reported, prompting Diab to surrender his post. 

According to Diab, he is following the will of the people to hold the people responsible for the Beirut explosion accountable. 

The government is taking a step back “to stand with the people” of Lebanon to go through a battle for change, he said. 

Diab claims that the Beirut disaster was a result of corruption that is deeply rooted and bigger than the state. 

After declaring the resignation of the government, Diab added, “may God protect Lebanon.”

Lebanon’s President, Michel Aoun, accepted Diab’s government’s resignation. 

However, Diab will stay in a “caretaker” post until a new government is created, as per a national announcement. 

Hassan Diab

International Aid

The international community has pledged almost $300 million humanitarian assistance to Lebanon on Sunday, during a conference hosted by France and the UN. 

Donor countries said in a joint statement that the aid will be “directly delivered” to the people of Lebanon.

At the start of the conference, France’s President, Emmanuel Macron said that the funds will be used for food security, healthcare, education, and housing. 

Aside from the financial aid, assistance for “an impartial, credible and independent inquiry” on the Beirut explosion will be “immediately available” upon Lebanon’s request, they said. 

Macron also said that “Lebanese authorities” should start implementing “political and economic reforms demanded by the Lebanese people.”


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