The featured image is Leah Remini. The reason is that the article focuses on her giving praises to Thandie Newton.

American Actress and former Scientology member Leah Remini applauded British Actress Thandie Newton for speaking out against Tom Cruise. 

“That takes huge balls to do what she did,” Remini told the Daily Beast. 

Remini was talking about a Vulture Interview with Newton. 

She also added that for a long time, Cruise has gotten away with the “nice guy” image. 

This is due to Scientology’s policy, Remini explained. 

“To create a good PR in the world and make those ‘good actions’ known,” she added. 

However, if someone looks at Cruise’s actions, “they’re not consistent,” she explained. 

Remini has been a staunch critic of Scientology since she departed from the group. 

She also wrote a book titled Troublemaker and produced a documentary series, Aftermath exposing the church. 

Remini hosts a new podcast, exposing the Church of Scientology, together with Mike Rinder, former Scientology executive. 

Thandie Newton’s Interview

Early this month, the Vulture launched an interview with the Westworld star. 

During the interview, Newton also shared her interaction with Scientology’s prominent member, Tom Cruise.

Newton worked with Cruise before, she shared. 

“He was very generous and open about sharing Scientological stuff,” she said. 

Newton also shared her experience with the American actor during their days in Mission: Impossible 2.

Newton was also afraid of him due to his dominant personality. 

Cruise also tries “super hard to be a nice person,” the actress said.  

However, there is this “pressure” and the actor “takes on a lot,” Newton shared.

Newton then went on and told a story on the film’s set.

According to her, there was a scene where both of them are having a hard time with. 

Also, both are already frustrated with each other. 

It came to a point where Cruise suggested that the two rehearse by switching their roles. 

However, it just made things worse as it pushed Newton’s insecurities further. 


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