A couple from Missouri pointing guns at BLM protesters

A grand jury indicted the gun brandishing couple, both personal injury lawyers from St. Louis, Missouri, Tuesday. 

The couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey were caught pointing their guns against peaceful protesters in June outside their Portland Place mansion.

The event happened at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests this year. 

According to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report, the grand jury indicted the couple with felony charges of unlawful use of a weapon and tampering of evidence. 

Joel Schwartz, the couple’s lawyer, shared he did not know the specifications of the charges, per Dispatch

However, he is not surprised by the grand jury’s actions.

However, he shared he is “interested in what was presented to the grand jury.” 

Mark McCloskey told reporters outside of the courthouse on Tuesday his frustration on the lack of charges against the “trespassers.” 

According to him, what people are witnessing now is just an “opportunity” for the “leftist Democrat government of the city” to persecute them for exercising their “2nd amendment rights.” 

A family excitedly holds up their guns as a symbol for the second amendment

In July, the Circuit Attorney’s Office charged the lawyer couple, each with a count of unlawful use of a weapon

According to their July charges, Mark McCloskey pointed an AR-15 at the protesters. 

On the other hand, his wife, Patricia McCloskey, held a semiautomatic handgun, placing fear of injury among the protesters. 

In June, protesters marched through the streets of a St. Louis neighborhood towards the house of Mayor Lyda Krewson, demanding her resignation. 

On their way there, the protesters saw the lawyers brandishing their guns at them, telling them to go away. 

Darlings of Conservatives

After the incident, the personal injury lawyers became a favorite for the conservative crowd. 

In fact, the two even appeared at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in August.

During their speech, the lawyer couple claims that Democrats protect criminals from “honest citizens.” 

Governor Mike Parson of Missouri had also shared during an interview with Fox News host, Sean Hannity, he will pardon the couple. 


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