As a show of solidarity to its Black LGBTQ and ally community, San Diego Pride released a statement saying that law enforcement agencies will not be allowed their own contingents in the San Diego Pride Parade nor to have booths in its Pride Festival.

Fernando Lopez, the San Diego Pride’s Executive director, sent a letter of a proposal entitled “Law Enforcement and Pride – A Path to Healing and Safer Communities” to Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Fernando Lopez

In the letter, they asked him to stand with them in support of their Black LGBTQ and ally communities. They also commended him for his “vocal support for LGBTQ community on issues of justice and equality”.

The letter came amidst the continuing call for police reform and racial injustice in the country.

According to the organization, the “Black LGBTQ community, transgender community, and communities of color” feel left behind, and for years, “have approached the San Diego Pride and made public cries for support” on their attempts to be heard.

The statement also includes a policy recommendation, a 4-step action  that San Diego leaders can do as a “step towards unity”.

  1. Law enforcement agencies will no longer have contingents in the San Diego Pride Parade or booths in our Pride Festival. This may be reassessed after the completion of step 4.
  2. The City of San Diego will recognize the San Diego Pride Parade as a free speech event and no longer bill the organization for road closures and safety.
  3. The City of San Diego will immediately adopt the #8CantWait Campaign recommendations. 
  4. Support a phased approach to policy reform recommendations centering Black LGBTQ San Diegans. 

The organization said that until further progress has been made, law enforcement participation will be limited to security and traffic purposes. 

San Diego Pride for the first time in years will be celebrated this year virtually due to the coronavirus. 


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