Commercial establishments in La Jolla decided to close Avenida de la Playa to help local businesses to keep businesses open.

La Jolla Shores Neighborhood Association made the decision since the street is mostly restaurants, said a CBS8 report.    

This is after California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the closure of all indoor business establishments.

The order to withdraw the reopening of businesses and religious gatherings is due to the spike of coronavirus.

European Vibe

Dining outside instead of inside has become the new normal due to pandemic, which gives a European vibe.

Tom Spano, general manager of Piatti, said:

“‘Wouldn’t it be fun if we could make this look like Italy [or] France?’ and we said ‘yes, we would love to do that.”

Piatti an Italian restaurant in La Jolla Shores which expanded its seating to increase business. 

Spano added:

“[We wanted to] create an atmosphere that is fun and inviting, and we get to bring our restaurants back up to 50%.”

The neighborhood association took the situation into its own hands with the street closure in effect through September 27th.   

“Because we’re all restaurants right here it just made sense to shut it down, let us have the space,” Spano said.   

Before The New Normal


Pre-COVID-19, Spano said he had around 60 tables with the new normal his outside seating is around half. 

Before the street shut down, he was down to 14.

He noted that this does not allow him to sustain things.   

“We’d be only at 25%, this makes a huge difference,” said Spano.  

According to the report, neighborhoods are finding ways to keep the culture and economy alive.   

“Definitely it’s been difficult but it’s been very well received,” Spano said.

Early July, San Diego County received a notification from the State that they may end up in the State’s watch list.

This is due to the record number of coronavirus cases that were reported.

Later, the county surpassed the state’s threshold of no more than 100 cases per every 100,000 residents.


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