Better be safe than sorry.

That seems to be the theme of Los Angeles county’s public health director on Tuesday.

With this, Los Angeles County residents will likely find themselves under some type of “Safer At Home” restrictions for another three months, said a CBS8 report.

Barbara Ferrer, director of the Department of Public Health, said some form of health restrictions will most likely remain in place “for the next three months” unless there is a major change in the fight against COVID-19.

Ferrer said this on Board of Supervisors during a debate on extending an eviction moratorium.

“There’s now no way, unless there was a dramatic change in … this virus and the tools that we have at hand to actually fight against this virus, there’s no way that we could in fact see us not needing to continue with a set of restrictions,” Ferrer said.

“It’s an unfortunate part of this pandemic is that it’s so long- lasting,” Ferrer said.

Despite that warning, the county last week began loosening its stay-at-home restrictions last week, allowing hiking trails and golf courses to reopen, the report added.

Some retail businesses — toy stores, sporting goods stores, clothing stores, music shops, and florists — were also allowed to reopen with curbside pickup only.

While, car dealers were also permitted to reopen, as long as they adhere to sanitation and social distancing mandates.


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