North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un is said to be in a coma, South Korea’s former minister, Jang Sung-min announced as per a source from China, the Korea Herald reported. 

However, many people believe that Kim is already dead. 

His frequent disappearance from the public view exacerbated the rumors. 

Also, there are reports of his sister’s continuing rise and increasing role in North Korea’s government. 

Recently, Kim’s sister Kim Yo-Jung was reported to have taken more key responsibility in the government, South Korean officials believe, as per a CNN report.  

There are also rumors that she is Kim’s heir apparent. 

South Korea’s Intelligence Committee legislator, Ha Tae-Kung, told the local Korean media that Kim Yo-Jung helps her brother manage North Korea. 

She is reportedly in charge of North Korea’s US affairs, as per Ha’s intelligence report.

Kim allegedly allocated “authority” to his sister “little by little,” Ha reported.

South Korea’s Defense Minister, Jeong Kyong-Doo believes Kim Yo-Jung is now the head of a department of the Worker’s Party of Korea (WPK).

Is North Korea’s Third Supreme Leader Really Dead?

Experts and observers do not think so. 

Jeffrey Lewis, a professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, gave evidence of Kim’s recent activities. 

Kim made ten appearances in North Korea’s events on August 9th alone, Lewis tweeted 

Alistair Coleman, a North Korea analyst pointed out a New York Post article using “reportedly” on its title. 

Coleman also took note of another Twitter user’s sarcastic post over Kim’s death. 

The other Twitter user said, “RIP Kim Jong-un, who died for the sixth time this year.”

Kim has been reported dead numerous times by South Korea and Western Media since he became North Korea’s leader.

In 2012, he was reportedly assassinated when he visited China. 

In 2014, the media reported he died due to a coup d’état. 

Early this year, people assumed he is dead due to his absence in a parade for his grandfather, the late Kim Il-Sung. 

Do you think Kim Jong-Un is dead?


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