During the weekend, a couple’s son was almost taken by a man in Costco, NBC San Diego reported. 

Peter Kopchak and his fiancee, Jennifer Lawson fought the kidnapper until a deputy sheriff showed up, they said. 

“I’m not going to let this happen to my kids,” Kopchak said. 

He also added that he will not let the same thing happen “to anyone else.”

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department identified the suspect as Adam Glavinic, a resident of North County. 

According to authorities, the couple was backing out their car from a parking space in Costco when the event happened.  

Glavinic pulled open the rear door of the car while it is backing out, and tried to snatch the couple’s two-year-old son, Peter, from his “child seat.”

Lawson does not know the man’s intentions with his son. 

However, “it wasn’t a good thing,” the father said, per NBC. 

The authorities arrested the suspect after the altercation and sent him to the Vista Detention Center.

The suspect was charged with attempted kidnapping.

Moreover, it was also found out that he is under the influence of drugs during the kidnapping attempt. 

This is added to his charges. 

Unsafe Surroundings

The couple’s other son, a nine-month-old child was also at the backseat when the event happened. 

Both children were unscathed, per NBC.

However, the couple is still in shock and on high alert. 

The authorities released the suspect on bail after twenty-four hours. 

The couple and the suspect are both from North County. 

Now, both the couple and their neighbors are more vigilant of their surroundings.

Lawson shared that she cannot sleep, she was up all night and was always checking on the guy “every 30 minutes.”

People posted their worries on social media. 

Some people went on to message local leaders pressuring them to do something about the suspect. 


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