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KFC Jumped Out of the Box and Made a Gaming Console that Warms Your Chicken

KFC bucket next to the kfc console

Have you ever wished you can heat your KFC fried chicken on your PC while playing? 

KFC, the famous American fast food joint, has recently announced its own gaming console with a twist. 

KFC calls its new product the KFConsole and promises a better gaming experience through its Intel-powered system. Also, it has its own chicken chamber. 

Yep! You heard it right, the new gaming PC can heat your chicken giving you a better experience, in between rounds of play.

What’s in a KFC console? 

To create this new console, KFC partnered with the Cooler Master, a computer hardware manufacturer. 

According to Cooler Master, the bucket-shaped console utilizes the “system’s natural heat and airflow system” to heat the chicken. 

On the gaming side, the console is powered by the Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Computer Element. According to Cooler Master, this system keeps the console’s space down, which gives gamers better PC performance. 

Aside from its strange chicken chamber and Intel system, the KFCOnsole is also VR ready, supports ray tracing, and has high-frame-rate gameplay of up to 240fps. 

It’s Not a Prank

Everythings started in June, amidst the hype for the announcement of the Play Station 5. KFC tweeted a video in June, which people thought then as a prank. The video shows a machine with the words KFConsole and grills heating fried chicken. 

KFC Gaming said in its June tweet, “The future of gaming is here.” They also included a hashtag, #PowerYourHunger. 

Fast forward to December, and KFC Gaming tweeted another video announcing its new console. Of course, people are skeptical and confused. In fact, some thought it was another prank or hoax. 

A Twitter user, TheCthuwu, thought the new console from KFC is either “a really weird product or an elaborate prank.” 

However, Intel’s PR, Mark Walton, assures everyone that the KFConsole is legit. 

Walton wrote, “yes, it’s powered by Intel. And yes, it has a chicken warmer.” 



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