KPCC reporter Josie Huang was tackled and arrested by Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s deputies while covering a protest in Lynwood, Huang and other reports say. 

The KPCC journalist told her story on Twitter

Deputies “arrested and charged” Huang with “obstructing a peace officer” from the LA County Sheriff’s Department after filming their “interactions with protesters in Lynwood.”

Huang was covering a press conference in St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood on Saturday. 

The press conference was about the two LA County Sheriff deputies who were shot on Saturday in Compton while inside their patrol car.

After the conference, Huang went back to her car in the hospital’s garage when suddenly she heard shouting outside.

Huang said that she had “on a lanyard around” her neck with a press ID. 

According to Huang, there were “a handful of men” on the sidewalk, and protesters are taunting LA officers while carrying large flags. 

Huang did not identify what the flags are, and according to her, people just ignored her when she started taking a video. 

Things began to take things differently when the group dispersed and deputies began chasing two men.

Deputies were arresting a man when Huang heard them call “back up,” she said.

However, “within seconds,” she was getting “shoved around” and there is “nowhere to back up.”  

Later on, KPCC Executive Editor, Megan Garvey, reported about the incident.

The department charged Huang “with a misdemeanor,” Garver reported via Twitter.

The department also released her without bail.

Garvey also posted pictures of Huang showing bruises and scrapes from the incident. 

According to an ABC 7 report, the “tension” in the area was “very high” on Sunday due to the ongoing manhunt against the suspect who shot two LA deputies. 

What the Sheriff’s Department Say 

The Sheriff’s Department aired their side via the official LA County Sheriff’s Twitter account. 

During the arrest of one male protester who “refused to comply and cooperate,” one “female adult ran towards the deputies” and “ignored” their “repeated commands to stay back.”

The Sheriff’s Department also shared that the woman “did not identify herself as press and later admitted she did not have proper press credentials on her person.”

Some Things Do Not Add Up

Videos taken during the incident show that Huang identified herself as part of the press during the arrest.

Moreover, Huang was also able to take a lot of videos leading up to her arrest.

One of the videos show the KPCC reporter tailing the deputies at a far distance.

In another video, one of the officers was heard saying back up.

A few seconds later, another officer told Huang to “back up” while Huang was filming the arrest.

That is when the shoving happened, said Huang. 

Huang was shouting “I’m with KPCC” in one of the videos.

In another video, after her phone dropped, one officer can be seen stepping on it.

ONSCENE.TV and ABC7 were also able to capture the incident.

Other reporters on the scene verified that Huang was wearing her credentials during her arrest, says Garvey. 


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