Wrongly Imprisoned Man, Freed

Maya Moore, WNBA’s basketball star finally saw justice served as a man he helped finally gained his freedom after decades of being in prison. 

A Missouri man, Jonathan Irons, was finally released from prison on Wednesday. 

Moore sat-out two entire seasons to help reverse Irons’ sentence.

In her Instagram account, Moore posted a video of Irons’ release, with the caption, “FREEDOM”. 

Irons was wrongfully imprisoned in his teens. 

The Case Of Jonathan Irons

In 1998, Irons was convicted of robbery, assault, and shooting of a Missouri man.

Apparently, the victim survived and was able to pull his gun and fired one shot during the assault. 

Irons was just 16 when it happened.

In the court, he was tried as an adult, as per a New York Times report.   

There was not enough evidence to convict Irons to the crime, said Times.

There were no witnesses, fingerprints, DNA, and even blood samples to connect him to the burglary and assault. 

However, prosecutors then claimed that Iron himself admitted to the crime. 

Iron and his lawyers denied the admission. 

On March 2020, Judge Daniel Green, a Missouri judge, issued a ruling that vacated Irons verdict. In addition, Green ordered Irons’ release from the maximum security prison. 

Green’s ruling relied on a piece of evidence that was not disclosed by the prosecution during Irons’ initial trial.  

The fingerprint did not match either the victim’s or Iron’s fingerprints. 

Kent Gipson, Iron’s lawyer contended that the state concealed a piece of crucial evidence that would have saved Irons then. 

“She Saved My Life”

Moore sat out two basketball seasons in WNBA to focus on “criminal justice reform,” as per a CNN report. 

The two met in 2007, said Times. 

“She saved my life and I cannot say it better than that,” said Irons on Moore, via a Times phone interview. 

Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons


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