John Ratcliffe in a panel debate

The Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said in an interview with Fox Business on Monday that the intelligence community “has not been involved with Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

“Don’t drag the intelligence community into this,” Ratcliffe told Mornings with Maria host, Maria Bartiromo.

In fact, since the son of the former Vice President is a US citizen, the jurisdiction falls under the FBI. 

Meaning, FBI is the one involved in investigating the younger Biden and his laptop.

Ratcliffe also shared that the FBI has Hunter Biden’s laptop in their possession. 

Ratcliffe’s statement is part of an interview with Bartiromo.

Ratcliffe denies going through Biden's laptop

Not Part of the Russian Misinformation Campaign

During his interview, the intel director also denied representative Adam Schiff’s claims that the emails of Hunter Biden are part of a Russian misinformation campaign.

Ratcliffe’s statement came after Adam Schiff, California’s representative’s claims about the younger Biden’s emails. 

Schiff, who is the House chairman for the intel committee, called the event a “smear” against the former Vice President in a previous CNN interview.

He pointed out it came “from the Kremlin” pushing a “false narrative” against the former Vice President and his son. 

Ratcliffe told Bartiromo the intelligence community did not share any intel supporting Schiff’s claims 

It Started with the Post’s Reports

Last week, the New York Post published a series of reports showing alleged emails of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

The reports imply that Hunter Biden used his father’s connection to amass huge amounts of money. 

All of those emails came from a laptop, allegedly Hunter Biden’s, from a Delaware repair shop.

According to the Daily Caller, the Biden campaign does not deny the authenticity of the emails. 

However, the campaign has since denied corruption allegations against the older Biden.

The campaign also denies claims from the Post like the former Vice President meeting an executive of the Ukrainian company, Burisma.

The campaign cited the former Vice President’s official schedule during that time to support their statement. 


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