YouTube Star Jenna Marbles announced her departure from the famous video platform because of her controversial videos in the past. 

On Thursday, Marbles posted a video titled “A message”. 

Marbles apologized about her past actions on the platform and addressed some videos that people found problematic. In addition, she took accountability of all her actions.

“I don’t want someone to watch something and feel hurt or offended now for any reason at all.”

Marbles admitted to uploading videos that are racist and “slut-shamey” during her early years on Youtube. These videos are not available to the public now, she said.  

“I think there was a time when having all of my old content exists on the internet showed how much I have grown up as a person,” Marbles said. “I think now, it’s hard for that content to exist at all,” the video, “offends them now”. She added, “I just don’t want anyone to feel upset about anything. I don’t want to contribute to that.”

Addressing Offensive Content

In her video, Marbles addressed specific videos that she thinks have hurt and offended people. 

In 2011, Marbles uploaded a video of her wearing blackface and impersonating Nicki Minaj. 

The video is “incredibly crazy and embarrassing, said Marbles. Although it was not her intention to do blackface, she said, “it doesn’t matter, because all that matters is that people were offended”. She added that “It’s shameful, it’s awful, I wish it wasn’t part of my past” 

Another video she addressed is a racist rap video titled “Bounce that Dick”, which she labeled as “inexcusable and not ok”.  Next, she addressed a video she made in 2012, which she thinks is “slut-shaming” other girls. Lastly, she apologized about her videos making fun of people’s gender. 

Marbles ended her video with a goodbye, “so I’m just going to move on from this channel for now”. She added, “I just want to make sure that the things I put into the world are not hurting anyone.”

People have taken into Twitter to air their opinions about Marbles’ decision. A lot of people sympathize and support her. However, many were also disappointed with it and blamed “cancel culture”.

Jenna Marbles is the screen name of Jenna Mourey, one of the platform’s famous stars with around 20.2 million subscribers. 

She started her YouTube career in 2010, posting “odd, funny and personal episodes”, said a Variety report. 


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