Nuclear chimneys stand infront of the radioactive symbol

The Japanese government will soon reach a decision to release treated yet still toxic water from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, exceeding one million tonnes into the Pacific Ocean, per a Nikkei Asia report, Friday.

Not Yet Official 

Officials will make the official announcement this month, according to Reuters.

Katsunobu Kato, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, consulted with the Federation of Japan fisheries cooperatives, JF Zengyoren’s chairman on Thursday.

The two heads debated over the disposal of the tainted liquid, Nikkei Asia reported.

JF Zengyoren, whose goal is to foster rich marine resources naturally opposed the release.

Are there no Other Options?

On the other hand, many scientists support the idea as the risk tritium would entail is low, per BBC.

Nuclear reactions produce tritium, a radioactive material.

Moreover, they say the vast Pacific Ocean will dilute the contaminated water.

The water still contains difficult-to-remove tritium despite using a complicated filtration process, per Japan Times.

A government committee said in February that another feasible option is releasing the treated water via evaporation.

A devastated Fukushima street in 2011

Without Further Ado as Space is Running Out 

Kato told Japan media that to “avoid decommissioning” delays, the conclusion on the “treated water” has to be reached “quickly.”

The Chief Cabinet Secretary echoed Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s sentiments in September.

Japan’s administration would like to “take responsibility” and “decide” on the matter without delay, PM Suga said.

In fact, Okuma and Futaba towns requested the administration to decide on the “policy” swiftly in August, Nikkei Asia reported.

The space to store the water is apparently running out and will be filled to capacity come 2022, BBC reported.

Japan will possibly release the filtered water starting in 2022.

However, the dumping would take decades to complete. 

The Pacific Ocean, however vast, and its numerous marine inhabitants could not possibly put up with that.

Should we survive this global pandemic, another tragedy looms at the horizon.


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