Humbling, hardworking, heartwarming.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Japanese fencer Ryo Miyake turned to food delivery to stay fit and earn a little cash on the side.

Even with his silver medal in the men’s team foil at London 2012, and having sponsors backing him, Miyake felt he could not accept sponsorship money in good conscience, said a report from Reuters.

 “I thought it was a little impudent to receive support in such a situation, so I told them (sponsors) to hold (sponsorship) for the time being,” he added.

As Japan imposed a coronavirus lockdown, he has no access to a gym, so Miyake said he was looking for a way to make money and maintain his fitness at the same time.

He thought delivering food for Uber Eats on his bicycle will keep him fit.

He added that he enjoyed the flexibility provided by the app as well as being able to work up a sweat while on the job.

He said he is earning about 2,000 yen ($18.60) a day working for Uber Eats, and he supplementing this with his savings so he can survive without sponsorship. He is also looking for other ways to earn money around his training regime, said Reuters.

“Now I am digging into my savings for a living, so I have to earn money by myself,” said Miyake.

He believes that the current situation is still fluid and uncertain.

“It is still unclear how and in what situation I will become an Olympian,” Miyake told Reuters.

Miyake is been delivering for the past two weeks, he told Reuters.

In March, the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government decided to delay the Games, which was due to start this July, for a year due to the coronavirus outbreak.


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