The featured image is an oil spill incident. The purpose is that the article is about the same happened in Mauritius. The ship operator apologized for the major environmental problem created.

Mitsui OSK Lines, operator of the Japanese bulk carrier MV Wakashio apologized at a news conference in Tokyo on Sunday. 

A major oil spill incident happened on July 25, near the island nation of Mauritius after MV Wakashio ran aground a coral reef off the island’s coast. 

The MV Wakashio was on its way to Brazil and carrying an almost 4000 ton of fuel during the incident. 

The oil spill was so huge that it can be seen from space, said a Live Science report

The event prompted Mauritius’ Prime Minister Pravid Jugnauth to declare an environmental emergency. 

He also appealed to the international community to assist in this major environmental disaster. 

Akihiko Ono, an executive of Mitsui OSK, apologized for the “great trouble” the MV Wakashio “have caused.”

“We apologize profusely and deeply,” Ono said at a news conference in Tokyo. 

Ono also vowed that the company will “do everything in its power” to solve the problem.

Locals Working Together 

Locals are not permitted by the government to assist in the clean-up, said BBC

However, this did not stop them from helping protect the environment. 

“People have realised that they need to take things into their own hands,” Ashok Subron, an environmental activist, told AFP news agency.

According to a BBC report, locals are rushing to string together cordons along the coastline to hold off the spill. 

Locals collect stars from fields and stuff them into fabric sacks to use as oil barrier. 

Aid from the International Community

Some countries have already pledged to help Mauritius’ call for assistance. 

Japan committed to helping in removing the oil spill from Mauritius’ coast, its Japanese Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

The country will deploy a six-person disaster relief group to aid in removing the oil spill. 

The Japanese government “hope” that its assistance will help in the rehabilitation of Mauritius’ environment and marine ecosystem. 

France has also pledged to help Mauritius.

France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, announced, France will send help via its overseas territory, the island of Reunion. 

Reunion will be deploying an aircraft and a naval vessel to assist in Mauritius, authorities of the island said. 


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