A Japanese company developed a robot that can be useful in answering Japan’s problem with its aging population and declining labour force.

Japan’s population has been in decline for some time now and as of 2019 has a median age of 48.4 years.

According to the IMF, Japan’s elderly will make up the greater population of the country in the coming years and this development might negatively affect the society. 

Mira Robotics, a Japanese company developed a robot and named it Ugo. 

According to a Reuter’s report, the company made him “to reinforce Japan’s greying workforce,” and it is a “remotely-controlled robot butler that can guard offices, carry out equipment inspections and clean toilets”. The robot also has a hand attachment that uses ultraviolet light that can kill germs on “door handles”

When the coronavirus erupted, the robot’s ability to go to places that are dangerous to humans became so popular that the company decided to add a sterilizing feature to it. 

It costs about $1000 a month to rent it. 


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