The newly appointed Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga shared that he and US President Donald Trump had their first phone conversation on Sunday. 

During their phone call, Trump congratulated Suga on his win as Japan’s new Prime Minister. 

Trump also congratulated Suga in his Twitter post. 

Suga became Japan’s new Prime Minister last week, after Shinzo Abe resigned from his post of almost eight years. 

Japan and the US had a good relationship during the then Prime Minister’s term.

According to Suga, he told Trump that “the Japan-US alliance was the foundation of regional peace and stability,” per Straits Times. 

In fact, the two agreed to work closely, the Prime Minister said.

Early this month, before Abe’s resignation, he also assured Trump through a phonecall that strengthening the Japan-US alliance “will remain unchanged,” per another Times report. 

Moreover, Trump told Suga that he wanted him to call him any time “if something happened,” the Prime Minister shared.

Deputy Chief Secretary Manabu Sakai added on Trump and Suga’s conversation.

The two had a 25-minute talk about China, Sakai said, per Times.

Sakai did not mention any further details on the two leaders’ views on China. 

During Abe’s term, the former Prime Minister worked on a tough balancing act between its relationship with the US and China. 

The two, in the end, agreed on bilateral cooperation with COVID-19 vaccines and treatment, and matters related to North Korea. 

Promise of Continuity

Japan’s new Prime Minister had a landslide victory for the Prime Minister position. 

He got more than 50% of the casted votes during his ruling party’s leadership election. 

Suga, during his inauguration as Japan’s Prime Minister, promised he will continue his predecessor’s policies and programs including “Abenomics.”

Moreover, he also promised to continue Abe’s measures in protecting people and make them feel safe from COVID-19. 

Importance of Japan-US Alliance During Abe’s Term

US and Japan have a strong relationship during Abe’s term. 

In fact, Trump and Abe usually had bilateral meetings through the phone and played golf during Trump’s visit to Japan. 

US and Japan’s relationship is critical in keeping “regional stability,” per a RAND report. 

Especially now with China’s rise and increased aggressive behavior in Asia. 


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